Thursday, April 28, 2011

#3: You score 2 items from the vending machine!

#3 It makes my day when………..You score 2 items from the vending machine!
Trust me it happens and boy oh boy does it make your day.
It happened to me circa 2005 at the Perth Domestic Airport departures lounge (Virgin/SkyWest departures to be exact) as I was about to fly out to a mine site for a work trip. I was attempting to buy a Cherry Ripe to help improve my mood as I sulked as I was leaving a few weeks for work.
So it was to my extreme excitement that instead I got 2 Cherry Ripes and let out a little squeal and did I small (okay rather large) jump of joy.
However the positive experience changed my thoughts on flying for each work trip and each time I walked past that vending machine I smiled at myself at my own good fortune.
Becstar x

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